CTL Events

CEU Center for Teaching and Learning Roundtable with Prof. Eleanor Denny, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Eleanor Denny of the Economics Department at Trinity College Dublin was featured at the CTL’s opening Roundtable on Innovations in Teaching on September 14, 2012. Denny also was honored that day as the inaugural recipient of CEU's European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Panelists at the CTL Roundtable included CEU faculty and doctoral students Anna Adamecz, doctoral student in Economics; Guntra Aistara, Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences and Policy, Márton Bruder, doctoral student, in Environmental Sciences and Policy; Katalin Farkas, CEU Provost and Professor, Department of Philosophy; Gábor Kézdi, Chair of the Department of Economics; and Liviu Matei, Senior Vice President and Professor, Department of Public Policy. Forty additional faculty members and students participated in this event which was moderated by Sally Schwager, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.