Supporting Doctoral Students

The Center for Teaching and Learning works with doctoral students to foster their development as successful teachers and future academic professionals. The approaches we explore are informed by teaching and learning research in doctoral students’ disciplines and across various intellectual domains.

The CTL can work with you in a number of ways — from an integrated program for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education, or individual seminars to consultations and classroom observations.

Individual Consultations and Other Activities

  • coaching and practice sessions for research presentations, lectures, job talks, and other public presentations
  • feedback on teaching assistant (TA) projects and other teaching activities
  • integrating online tools to support learning
  • video recording and analysis of classroom or small-group teaching
  • developing your teaching portfolio

Independent Study Program

Doctoral students who have completed the fall course, “Teaching in Higher Education: Scholarship, Reflection, and Innovation,” have the opportunity to further their study of a specific topic covered in the seminar, or expand one of their projects. Please contact CTL faculty to discuss this possibility.

For doctoral students who would like to propose an independent tutorial in a specific discipline (teaching history in higher education, for example), please contact the director of the CTL to discuss a focus that interests you.