CTL Support and Consultations

The Center for Teaching and Learning (Overview)

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) engages in four principle activities: teaching PhD students, mentoring early-career teachers, collaborating with and supporting faculty, and research. It does so through a variety of courses, a certificate program for PhD students, workshops for faculty and students, mentoring programs, grant partnerships, consultations with individual faculty or departments, and more.

The CTL is pleased to collaborate with faculty and TAs in issues surrounding online and hybrid teaching (as well as traditional, in-person teaching), from sharing research and best practices from the scholarship on teaching and learning, to consulting on issues of importance to individual faculty.

CTL Academic Technologist, Kaitlin Lucas (lucask@ceu.edu) can provide support on online and hybrid course design; using technology for teaching and learning; Universal Design for Learning (UDL) & accessibility.

The CTL traditionally has particular strengths in the scholarship and practice of effective teaching. With the exception of Moodle, we do not provide technical support. The CEU has a talented team of IT specialists, who can provide dedicated technical support via helprequest@ceu.edu
For Moodle support, please contact the CTL’s Gabor Acs at acsg@ceu.edu

In the online teaching environment, the distinction between pedagogy and IT can understandably be blurred. For example, the CTL is happy to share its expertise in thinking about structuring your online course, choosing effective activities, rethinking lectures in an online environment, leading good group discussions, designing collaborative activities, increasing student engagement, modifying assessments, and, as appropriate, recommending platforms and resources. The CTL is happy to provide detailed support about how to do this in Moodle, and thinking through how teaching can work effectively through other applications. However, when it comes to licenses or troubleshooting Zoom, classroom technology, and other software and application support, IT is able to provide more specialized advice.

Questions and Contact Information

The CTL is happy to be in contact. Please get in touch with us via the following email addresses:

General Information: ctl@ceu.edu
CTL Director (Michael Kozakowski): kozakowskim@ceu.edu
CTL Faculty (Margaryta Rymarenko): rymarenkom@ceu.edu
CTL Office Manager (Tünde Polonkai): polonkait@ceu.edu 
Moodle Support (Gabor Acs): acsg@ceu.edu 
Academic Technologist (Kaitlin Lucas): lucask@ceu.edu 
IT (not part of CTL, but the best resource for all technical issues): helprequest@ceu.edu