AY 2020-21 Foundations in Teaching in Higher Education: Scholarship, Reflection and Innovation

Course Description: 

This course provides an important intellectual and practical grounding for your work, first as a teaching assistant, and later as an independent scholar and teacher or other professional in the field. The course runs for 12 weeks from the end of September to mid December and engages you in discussion, collaboration, and experimentation in areas such as:

-linking your development as scholars to your development as teachers
-taking your first steps as a new teacher, lecturer and discussion leader
-learning the fundamentals and key concepts in learning-centered teaching and assessing students
-planning your first teaching sessions and courses
-using learning-centered approaches in your teaching, including e-learning tools and strategies

A key feature of this course is that it is a collaborative learning environment in which you are invited to co-construct and co-teach some of the sessions as a peer teacher. The course thus provides an opportunity to practice teaching and to experiment with various teaching strategies. “Teaching in Higher Education” is an elective, pass/fail course open to all CEU doctoral students and visiting doctoral students.

Participation in this course also forms an ideal foundation for various other short courses and seminars at the Center for Teaching and Learning which you may wish to take this academic year (winter and spring) or during later stages of your doctoral program.

Michael Kozakowski
Margaryta Rymarenko

10-week seminar + capstone project

Fall term: Online
September 28 - December 14, 2020
Mondays 1:30-3:10 p.m.
Dec.14. double session from 12:00 noon-3:30 p.m.

Winter term: Online
January 11 - March 29, 2021
Mondays 1:30-3:10 p.m.
March 29. double session from 12:00 noon -3:30 p.m.

Note: This seminar also serves as the required foundational seminar for the CTL Certificate Program.
This seminar is offered to doctoral students. 
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