Teaching Undergraduates – an essential guide for CEU faculty developed by CTL team

August 12, 2020

With the launch of new interdisciplinary BA programs at CEU, it is essential to consider successful approaches and strategies for teaching undergraduates. The CTL team has prepared a comprehensive manual for CEU faculty on key issues to consider when teaching undergraduate students. In an opening chapter, Jelena Belic outlines general considerations concerning what makes teaching undergraduates different from graduate education and reflecting on the issue of how to teach them how to learn. This is followed by the discussion of core ideas about how to motivate BA students to learn by Margaryta Rymarenko, who also contributed a chapter on how assessment may encourage engagement and promote active student learning. The most important learning goals that undergraduate studies could aim for are analyzed by Gorana Misic followed by a discussion of relevant active learning strategies to achieve these goals. The final section by Helga Dorner includes perspectives on mentoring undergraduates to promote their research skills.