Ambrose leads interactive webinars on seven basic principles of learning in undergraduate and graduate education

March 12, 2020

Dr. Susan A. Ambrose, Senior Vice Chancellor for Educational Innovation, Professor of Education and History, Northeastern University, the US, will lead two interactive webinars for CEU faculty and for CEU doctoral students on How Learning Works: Seven Research-based Principles for Smart Teaching. The discussions will focus on the processes of learning and the role of teachers as creators of the conditions under which students meaningfully engage in learning.

Click for details of the webinars:
Webinar for CEU faculty - March 18
Webinar for CEU doctoral students - March 19

Susan A. Ambrose is an internationally recognized expert in college-level teaching and learning and has conducted workshops and seminars for faculty and administrators throughout the United States and around the world. She focuses on translating research to practice in the design of curricula, courses and educational experiences for both undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Ambrose is co-author of five books, the most recent (January 2020) is titled Higher Education’s Road to Relevance: Navigating Complexity (Wiley/Jossey-Bass). Her last book, How Learning Works: Seven Research-based Principles for Smart Teaching (Jossey-Bass, 2010), has been widely praised for integrating fundamental research in the learning sciences and practical application.

The events are part of the CTL Invited Speaker Series supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.