CTL Program for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education for Doctoral Students

The CTL Program for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education for CEU doctoral students consists of a foundational course, “Foundations in Teaching in Higher Education”; two additional short seminars; and a capstone course on the development of an electronic teaching portfolio. The entire program amounts to approximately 24 class sessions (roughly equivalent to two standard CEU 2-credit courses with very practical assignments). All students who complete this series of seminars (normally within one or two academic years) and produce a comprehensive early-career teaching portfolio will receive a certificate of program completion.

The program design, content, and core values are informed by relevant research on professional development of scholar-teachers. Our courses are based on collaborative inquiry and often involve peer teaching, observation and experimentation. This program aims to support a networked community of scholars capable of learning through observation, reflection and collaboration across and within disciplinary communities.

For a brief overview of the program design, themes, and available courses please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information and to receive the full program description, please get in touch with us at the CTL (ctl@ceu.edu)