Workshop on Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

A teaching philosophy statement is a self-reflective statement that describes core beliefs about one's teaching and provides concrete examples of how they are implemented in the classroom. This document is increasingly required as a part of academic job application package. The Teaching Statement should demonstrate how one conceptualizes learning and teaching, as well as how these understandings inform teaching practice.

The Teaching Statement is a required document for Global Teaching Fellowship Program (GTFP) applications at the CEU. To support Doctoral students during the application period, the CTL runs a Workshop on Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement. Although primarily offered to GTFP applicants, the workshop is open to all CEU Doctoral Students. In the workshop, the participants will receive useful tips on how to write an authentic and effective Teaching Statement.

The workshop will be offered twice per Academic Year, during the GTFP application period.

Follow the email communication from CTL and our Facebook page to get the announcements about the new workshop dates.