Working with Faculty

The Center for Teaching and Learning’s work with faculty members and departments is continually evolving as we discuss with faculty members in various disciplines, interdisciplinary programs, and schools their interests and recommendations for collaborations, consultations, and formal courses we could develop.

The work we do with faculty is informed by our on-going research on exemplary practices, new approaches, and new technologies to support teaching in higher education.


FORMATIVE – – As colleagues we can offer ideas and suggestions. We do not perform summative, departmental or institutional evaluations of teaching. – – CONFIDENTIAL – – Our individual discussions with faculty are collegial and remain confidential.  – – VOLUNTARY – – We work only with colleagues who freely elect to collaborate with us.

Faculty Consultations

CTL faculty members and its director invite faculty from all CEU departments, programs, and schools to join us for an individual conference—or a series of meetings—to discuss new ideas and questions that interest you. Faculty conversations often focus on a specific course activity or the organization of a new course. Other frequent topics include:

  • assessing student work, especially group projects and team activities
  • mentoring teaching assistants
  • facilitating online discussions
  • research on problem-based teaching and collaborative learning
  • academic blogging
  • class discussion strategies
  • research on teaching innovations in particular disciplines
  • teaching portfolios
  • mid-course feedback click for resources
  • using student work for program improvement

Mentoring Teaching Assistants

The CTL collaborates with departments and individual faculty members to help prepare and coach their teaching assistants as they begin teaching.

The CTL typically meets faculty-TA teams on a course-by-course basis. We discuss the needs of the course as defined by the professor and the agreed-upon role of the teaching assistant for the course. CTL faculty members then meet regularly throughout the course with individual teaching assistants to provide guidance and feedback on their teaching activities.

Collaborative Faculty Discussion Groups on Excellence in Teaching

The CEU Center for Teaching and Learning is piloting a series of collaborative faculty discussion groups on issues that are of special interest to academics in their first years of university teaching. Informed by a growing body of research on teaching in various disciplines and the development of scholars as teachers, these discussion groups are facilitated by faculty from the Center for Teaching and Learning and are designed in collaboration with the discussion--‐group members. Specific topics are determined by the participants and organized around issues of mutual interest. Topics include, for example: how to survive and thrive in your first years of teaching; resources and approaches to teaching in your specific discipline; doctoral supervision and feedback on theses; discussion leadership; assessment and grading; and academic blogging.

The CTL Collaborative Faculty Discussion Groups meet monthly, beginning in the fall term, and run for 6 to 8 sessions over the course of the academic year. The CTL is happy to work with individual faculty groups to accommodate their particular schedules and interests. Discussion groups can be organized for faculty from a single department or intellectual domain, or as cross--‐disciplinary groups.