Teaching and Research Collaborations

Collaborations with CEU Faculty and Departments

The Center for Teaching and Learning welcomes inquires, ideas, proposals, and questions on individual projects as well as on departmental initiatives. Our current collaborations are suggestive of the range of teaching and learning activities we support. Please feel free to meet with us to brainstorm other ideas.

Recent and ongoing projects include:

Environmental Sciences and Policy Doctoral Program Collaboration on Mentoring Teaching Assistants

The doctoral program invited us to re-think, together with their faculty, how best to mentor doctoral students in regard to teaching. Faculty-TA teams from the department now are working with the Center to develop course strategies, teaching activities, and collaborative approaches to student assessment. We work with individual teaching assistants and with groups of TAs through regularly scheduled teaching roundtables. [Read more]

Collaboration on the e-Portfolio Project

CTL faculty member Helga Dorner has launched a project in collaboration with the Environmental Sciences and Policy Department to pilot the integrative use of an electronic portfolio system to document their first-year doctoral students’ academic progress. The CEU e-portfolio is a platform where both doctoral students and their supervisors can share and reflect on students’ academic progress on a regular basis. [Read more]

“Interrogating the Archive: Preserving and Interpreting Knowledge of the Past”: A Collaboration with Gender Studies Faculty at CEU and the University of Minnesota

This interdisciplinary research collaborative seminar was led by Andrea Pető (CEU), Mary Jo Maynes and Leslie Morris (University of Minnesota). CTL faculty member Helga Dorner collaborated on the design of online activities and participated in and conducted action research on this collaborative seminar—one of the first at CEU to involve simultaneous teaching at two sites. [Read more]

Global Korea Foundation E-School Project: Collaboration with Faculty in International Relations and European Union Studies (IRES)

At the invitation of CEU faculty members Youngmi Kim, Department of International Relations and European Union Studies (IRES), and Matteo Fumagalli, Department Head, IRES, Joanna Renc-Roe and Helga Dorner are serving as consultants to the Global Korea Foundation e-School Project. The project involves 12 institutions located in 10 countries. [Read more]

Activities with the Legal Studies Doctoral Program

Working with Tibor Tajti, Faculty Director of the Doctoral Program in Legal Studies, and with legal studies doctoral students, we have developed a new seminar, “Persuasive Communication in Teaching and Research Contexts,” to be offered in February 2013. [Read more]