The Center for Teaching and Learning contributes to CEU's longstanding commitment to excellence in teaching and a community engaged in inquiry, debate, and discovery. We collaborate with faculty as they explore contemporary, research-based approaches to enhance their teaching and mentoring. We support doctoral students as they grow as apprentices and future teachers, scholars, and educational leaders. And we help to advance knowledge about teaching and learning by documenting our work and sharing our research.

Founded in 2011, the Center for Teaching and Learning comprises teaching and learning scholars who work with doctoral students and faculty across all departments and schools. We do not advocate a single model of teaching excellence. Rather, informed by recent research on learning as well as earlier theoretical traditions we collaborate with faculty members who wish to explore various aspects of their teaching.


FORMATIVE – – As colleagues we can offer ideas and suggestions. We do not perform summative, departmental or institutional evaluations of teaching. – – CONFIDENTIAL – – Our individual discussions with faculty are collegial and remain confidential. – – VOLUNTARY – – We work only with colleagues who freely elect to collaborate with us.

Some of the areas in which we work with both faculty and doctoral students are ways to create learner-centered and inquiry-based teaching activities. Integrating new technologies that support teaching, and blending online with in-person teaching, are central to our work at the CTL.

We invite doctoral students and faculty members to think of the Center as a space for experimentation where they can develop fresh ideas and ways to enhance their teaching. We look forward to working with you.