Video Case-studies

Collaborative Inquiry in the Digital Archive

This online collaborative research seminar, the second in a series, was led by Andrea Peto, recipient of the USC Shoah Foundations' Teaching Fellowship, and Darcy Buerkle, Smith College focused on issues of how Memory of the Holocaust is inscribed, framed, mediated and performed. The syllabus was co-designed with Helga Dorner, CEU Center for Teaching and Learning, to take advantage of online technologies in student inquiry. In particular, students explored the use of digital archives such as the USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive and created video projects in which they conducted historical analyses in new media narrative forms.

CEU reaches out to universities in Asia and Europe

Working with Youngmi Kim, Director of the Global Korea Foundation E-School Project in Eurasia, CTL faculty members Helga Dorner and Joanna Renc-Roe were engaged in the redesign of a course offered in the fall of 2012 to all participating institutions of the Project. This is a video case study documenting the collaborative efforts to increase the level of interactivity among students and close the gap created by transactional distance in the online real-time communications of the project.

CEU doctoral student joins CTL seminar online

This is a video case-study of the CTL seminar "Starting your (electronic) teaching portfolio" which is aimed at advanced doctoral students who wish to start developing their teaching portfolios. The seminar gives doctoral student participants an ample introduction to the overall development of a teaching portfolio, and to the formats, expectations, and styles of writing they should consider when presenting their own achievements. Participants use the CEU e-portfolio system for creating and displaying their electronic teaching portfolios. In Fall 2012, a CEU student, who was involved in field research in Istanbul, joined the seminar as an online participant. Helga Dorner and Joanna Renc-Roe, lecturers at the Center, re-designed their course to accommodate both the needs of students on campus and those participating online.

Online collaborative research seminar - CEU and University of Minnesota

This video is the first piece in the CTL series "Case Studies in Technology-Supported Teaching". The online collaborative research seminar was led by Andrea PetÅ‘, CEU Gender Studies Department, Mary Jo Maynes and Leslie Morris, University of Minnesota. Helga Dorner, CEU Center for Teaching and Learning collaborated as design expert and principal investigator researching the educational use of technology throughout the course.  Read more about the CTL initiative and the online collaborative research seminar.

The Center for Teaching and Learning collaborates on technology-supported teaching and learning projects