Legal Studies

Activities with the Legal Studies Doctoral Program

The CTL is working with the faculty director of the doctoral program and students in Legal Studies to develop programs tailored to the specific interests of SJD students. CTL faculty members attend the Legal Studies doctoral seminar to hear work-in-progress presentations; we conduct focus groups of doctoral students from various cohorts; and we are developing a new seminar in response to the particular interests expressed by students in the program.

This new CTL seminar, “Persuasive Communication in Teaching and Research Contexts,” is designed to introduce doctoral students to both research and practice in the contexts of teaching and research presentations. Students in the seminar engage in a series of practical activities to develop their own persuasive communication skills, and they practice observation, critiquing and coaching in a supportive peer environment.  Some of the areas explored include the art of questioning, the use of visual tools,  and structural strategies for effective presentations.

Students in the program have the opportunity to use video analysis of their teaching and research presentations, and they use online tools to support both individual and collaborative work. 

Future directions may include online professional activities involving both current doctoral students and alumni of the program.