International Relations and European Studies

Global Korea Foundation E-School Project: Collaboration with Faculty in International Relations and European Union Studies (IRES)

At the invitation of CEU faculty members Youngmi Kim, Department of International Relations and European Union Studies (IRES), and Matteo Fumagalli, Department Head, IRES, in the Spring of 2012, the CTL faculty are serving as consultants to the Global KF E-School Project. The project, funded by the Korea Foundation, involves 12 institutions located in 10 countries.

Working with Youngmi Kim, CTL faculty members Helga Dorner and Joanna Renc-Roe are engaged in the redesign of a course offered in the fall of 2012 to all participating institutions of the E-School Project. Redesign activities are targeting problem areas such as increasing the level of interactivity among students and closing the gap created by transactional distance in the online real-time communications of the project. The CTL faculty members also have constructed a questionnaire for the project (for use at all locations) to survey student participants’ satisfaction with the online and face-to-face learning experience. The project, which began in May 2012, will be ongoing until December 2016.