Gender Studies

“Interrogating the Archive: Preserving and Interpreting Knowledge of the Past”: A Collaboration with Gender Studies Faculty at CEU and the University of Minnesota

This interdisciplinary research collaborative seminar, organized by CEU and the University of Minnesota, is led by Andrea Pető (CEU) and Mary Jo Maynes and Leslie Morris (University of Minnesota). CTL faculty member Helga Dorner is collaborating on the design of online activities and participating in and conducting action research on this collaborative seminar—one of the first at CEU to involve simultaneous teaching at two sites.

Most class sessions are joint sessions with classrooms in Minneapolis and Budapest connected through video conferencing. Students work in small groups (across disciplines and distance) to engage in their research projects and to prepare joint presentations; small group work also takes advantage of online technologies.

Dorner’s research is documenting the pedagogical processes involved in the design and realization of a blended (online and face-to-face) higher educational setting, to examine the online activities of participants and to see how collaborative learning and individual knowledge creation might be related to online activity.