Using Audio Technologies in Your Teaching - a Repeat Session

CEU Community Only
Nador u. 13
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 1:00pm
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

To CEU faculty: Join us for a faculty workshop at the CTL

Please note, this is a re-run of an earlier workshop, repeated due to popular demand

Using Audio Technologies in Your Teaching
CEU Faculty Workshop
led by Ian M. Cook, Visiting Instructor, Center for Teaching and Learning

The use of audio technologies in academia has the potential to be radically open. Open because it allows those unable to attend classes the chance to sample higher education remotely. Open because ideas explored in conversation are often expressed in a more readily accessible language when compared to published articles or books. And open because, if done right, podcasting allows students to expand the contours of their learning, not only pushing their teachers to rethink and re-articulate their lessons, but also giving a public voice to the type of questions that those too deeply immersed in academia might fail to ask.
And yet podcasting in academia is, for the most part, terrible. Recording endless reams of class or guest lectures and dumping them unedited online is not particularly conducive to learning. Technology enabled audio has the potential to improve higher education, but only if it is used in a way that puts teaching and learning at its center.

Ideas you might consider:
• Pre-recording lectures so students can listen at home, freeing up class time for other activities (these can be public or private)
• Allowing students to produce audio assignments in your courses
• Having students produce 'audio diaries' reflecting on the readings or other course materials
• Allowing students to interview you or guest lecturers following the class to create 'class podcasts'
• Asking students to produce collaborative discussion podcasts during the course

The session builds on the research, workshops and class modifications developed within the ITI funded project 'Sound Relations'. After exploring the foundations of audio technology intervention and major research in the field, participants will discuss the specific directions they wish to pursue. Attendees will also learn some of the basics in regards to editing and recording.

Following this, Ian can then help anyone on an individual basis develop the technical and conceptual aspects of their projects with tangible outputs in mind. Hopefully faculty will be able to fully integrate audio technologies in their teaching, having mastered the required skills.

Registration is not required, but we would appreciate an indication if you are planning to attend.