DTP Small Grants

Developing Teaching Professionals

Call for Applications:

Small Grants to Promote Inclusive Education, Democratic Classrooms & Discipline-Specific Pedagogies

DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 15, 2022 (11:59 PM CET) 

The OSUN Developing Teaching Professionals program, of which CEU CTL is the project lead, invites applications for grants to support and promote inclusive teaching, democratic and open classrooms, and innovation in disciplinary pedagogies in higher education. The grants of up to $2000 USD will be awarded to promote the creation or revision of courses, the development of new pedagogical techniques for specific courses, or new pedagogical techniques or curricular revisions at the department/program level. The development or revision should specifically advance one of the following, three themes at an OSUN-member institution of higher education: 

(1) Inclusive education (e.g., inclusive pedagogies, diversifying and decolonizing curricula, accessible teaching and technology); 

(2) Democratic and open classroom practices (e.g., student engagement, student voice, representation and partnership, teaching sensitive topics, creating principled spaces, academic freedom); 

(3) Discipline-specific pedagogies (e.g., approaches to teaching, learning and assessment, threshold concepts, signature pedagogies).

Faculty and doctoral students with teaching responsibilities at CEU or other OSUN-member higher education institutions are eligible to apply. Applicants are strongly encouraged to collaborate on their projects with students or other partners in their home institutions, and especially with partners at other higher education institutions in the OSUN network.

Please see the CFA and short application form for further details or contact Michael Kozakowski at kozakowskim@ceu.edu for informal inquiries.