The CTL Mentoring Program for the Global Teaching Fellows

The CTL Mentoring Program provides ongoing and sustained academic support for the CEU Global Teaching Fellows (GTFs) in the area of higher education teaching and learning. It integrates workshop session(s) and individual consultations (upon demand) to assist Fellows in making their Fellowship a valuable contribution in developing as academic professionals and future education leaders. The Mentoring Program is an integral part of the Global Teaching Fellowship. It consists of a pre-application stage and three mentoring stages.

Pre-application stage:

In the pre-application stage GTF Candidates are strongly encouraged to complete the CTL Program for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education before taking on a Fellowship. For information about the full Program sequence please see the CTL Certificate Program page on our website. Our seminar on Teaching in Diverse Environments is especially recommended for those considering GTFP.

Whether for the GTFP application of for a prospective job application, Candidates need to submit a Statement of Teaching Philosophy – a self-reflective statement that describes their core beliefs about teaching and provides concrete examples of how they are implemented in the classroom. The CTL runs a Workshop on Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement during the GTFP application period to assist prospective Fellows and interested doctoral students in writing this essential document.

Stages in the GTF Mentoring Program:

Stage 1. Workshop Session on Syllabus Design

In this workshop the Fellows will engage in planning their courses with the focus on designing academic content and activities that are student-centered, meaningful and feasible in the context of their host institutions. They will have the opportunity to receive individualized feedback on their teaching plans from CTL Faculty.

Stage 2. Ongoing Mentoring Sessions During the Fellowship

The CTL works with the Fellows in group-based, online or in-person sessions conducted once a month. The purpose of this mentoring activity is to discuss common issues, successful strategies, teaching challenges, and useful resources. Frequent topics include:

  • Assessing student work, especially group projects and team activities;
  • Facilitating seminar discussions;
  • Interactive lecturing;
  • Working with diverse student cohorts;
  • Teaching sensitive topics;
  • Problem-based teaching;
  • Collaborative learning;
  • Teaching innovations in particular disciplines.

The content and frequency of consultations will be determined by the Fellows in consultation with the CTL Mentor. The Academic Mentor from the host institution is invited to join (online) mentoring activities. Individual consultations will be possible upon request to address specific classroom challenges.

Stage 3. Reflection on the Fellowship Experience

Upon their return to CEU, Fellows will be invited to share their reflections on the teaching fellowship experience in a joint group session. Fellows may wish to use this experience and apply it toward the development of an online teaching portfolio. Interested fellows then continue the documentation of their teaching activities in subsequent months in preparation for job interviews and permanent positions.

GTF Mentoring Program at Glance:

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