not offered in AY 2021-22 Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning

Course Description: 

What is the point of teaching students through engagement with research? What makes a good case-study for student learning and how would one teach with it? What characterizes how successful teachers structure their classes and what teaching strategies do they use? What is innovative and what is simply good practice in creating a really engaging classroom? How can we work with students in a non-hierarchical partnership model of learning? This 4-week CTL course engages doctoral students as future teachers in thinking through these questions, exploring their emerging teaching philosophies, and planning to put them into practice.

This course invites participants to investigate and discuss a range of inquiry-based teaching and learning strategies, including classical and modified problem-based learning approaches (including the written case-study), research-based and research-led learning, community-based learning, work-based learning, the flipped classroom and studio-method, integrative learning and any other approaches of interest. The participants will be invited to consider teaching approaches that will be interesting and appropriate for their own future courses. The course itself is based on the philosophy of teaching through inquiry and integrates scenarios, collaborative micro-teaching projects and developing plans for actual classroom interventions. The philosophy underpinning the course is that of the scholarship of teaching and learning as the basis for informed and sustainable teaching interventions and ongoing professional development of university teachers.

The course is offered to doctoral students. Click to register in SITS.