AY 2021-22: Teaching Strategies for Critical Thinking and Writing CTAL6003

Course Description: 

This four-week course addresses perhaps the single most important area of pedagogical competence for social science and humanities academics: teaching critical thinking through student assignments (combined with other elements of your course). This implies decoding what critical thinking means to you as a scholar, designing and fine-tuning unique and relevant assignments, classes, and assessment tasks, and finally, careful analysis of your students' work, not only for grading, but also for the development of your own teaching strategies.

Based on the approaches developed by scholars of teaching from various academic domains, in this course we will engage in analyzing various conceptions of critical thinking. We will critically observe, discuss and analyse multiple ways in which critical thinking is taught, and we will construct detailed, authentic student assignments and feedback mechanisms. The work produced in this course will be useful in developing your own future courses and your teaching portfolio.

Instructor: Irene Lubbe

4-week course
March 8-29, 2022 - Hybrid
Tuesdays, 10:50-12:50

We recommend that students take the CTAL 6007 Foundations of Teaching in Higher Education: Scholarship, Reflection, and Innovaton course before taking the 4-week short courses.

This course is offered to doctoral students. Click to register in SITS.