AY 2021-22: Online, Hybrid, and Blended Teaching CTAL6010

Course Description: 

When it comes to perspectives on teaching and learning, emerging technologies have generated waves of new opportunities for rich and engaging learning experiences in higher education. This short course is designed to help doctoral students take advantage of the new participatory learning culture and explore ways to use technology to foster interaction, collaboration, and ownership over learning. Strategies to be discussed and modeled address teaching and learning processes and also focus on the transformed learner and instructor roles in online environments such as Moodle.

This course will be useful for those who are interested in experimenting with technology-supported ways of teaching and learning, want to supplement their current or future higher education classroom course with web-based materials and need a sound organizational system for doing so, and who wish, also, to gain an understanding of general guidelines in the practical application of online course content. Members of the course will have the opportunity to develop new teaching approaches for their own work, through creating a course development map and prioritizing content to place online. Participants also will create learning guides, online modules and other learning activities to begin developing flexible, updateable online course materials.

Instructors: Irene Lubbe and Yurgos Politis

4-week course
February 7-28, 2022 - Online
Mondays, 1:30-3:30

Prerequisite: CTAL6007 Foundations of Teaching in Higher Education: Scholarship, Reflection and Innovation course

This course is offered to doctoral students. Click to register in SITS