AY 2021-22, offered three times: Starting your Teaching Portfolio CTAL6004

Course Description: 

This short course is aimed at advanced doctoral students who wish to start developing their teaching portfolios in order to begin preparing for job applications, teaching reviews or demonstrations, and other professional situations in which a teaching portfolio will be extremely valuable and may even be required.

A teaching portfolio is a written repository of evidence and reflection documenting a university teacher's strengths, skills, achievements and overall development as a scholar-teacher. As soon as the development of a professional teaching profile has begun, even in its planning or learning stages, a teaching portfolio can begin to be developed.

This course will give you ample introduction to the formats, expectations, styles of writing and presenting for your own teaching portfolio. We will look at examples of portfolios developed by novice and expert university teachers in different contexts. Together we will develop the ideas for what you may include in your portfolio, based on your actual experience in teaching, expectations and areas of interest. You will begin writing the core reflective element of the portfolio, receive feedback on its content and create an on-line repository in which you will be able to start collecting documents.

3-week course, plus 1 lab session

Fall term:
November 4-25, 2021 - Hybrid
Thursdays, 10:50-12:50

Spring term:
April 5-26, 2022 - In-person, Vienna
Tuesdays, 10:50-12:50
April 6-27, 2022 - Online
Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30

Prerequisite: Completion of the Foundations of Teaching in Higher Education course and two additional CTL courses.
This course is open only to doctoral students.

Note: This course also serves as a required course for the CTL Certificate Program.

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