CEU e-Portfolio

Reflecting… Collecting… Presenting…

The CEU e-Portfolio System is an online platform hosting doctoral students’ electronic teaching and research portfolios.

Academic Portfolios are reflective, evidence-based collections of various kinds of materials that document your professional activities.  Professors use portfolios to examine and document their teaching and research projects.  Increasingly, academic portfolios are used in the promotion process, in nominations for fellowships and awards, and in professional searches.

  • Faculty members can create their own academic portfolios working with us at the CTL
  • Doctoral students can learn to use the CEU e-Portfolio system and begin collecting material for teaching or research portfolios

Teaching Portfolios are the focus of doctoral seminars taught by with Joanna Renc-Roe and Helga Dorner.  Developing a teaching portfolio is a reflective learning activity. It also is a wise professional strategy.

  •  The CTL seminar “Starting your Teaching Portfolio” guides doctoral students through the process of developing a teaching portfolio using a state-of-the-art electronic portfolio system
  • Advanced doctoral students and recent graduates can consult with CTL faculty as they continue to develop their teaching portfolios as TAs or early-career academics

Portfolios to Support Doctoral Student Progress

CTL faculty member Helga Dorner is working with the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy to pilot the integrative use of an electronic portfolio system to document their doctoral students’ academic progress.  The project is designed to

  • strengthen doctoral mentoring
  • jump-start doctoral students’ career development
  • serve as a platform for doctoral students and their supervisors to share written work
  • support reflections on students’ academic progress on a regular basis
  • incorporate community discussions
  • share announcements of professional activities and opportunities

 CTL e-Portfolio Research

“Scaffolding Reflective Thinking through Electronic Teaching Portfolios” is a baseline study to identify innovative ways to foster early-career academics’ reflective thinking skills in their development as scholarly teachers through designing electronic teaching portfolios.  (H. Dorner, Principal Investigator).

In the first phase of this pilot, a sub-group of CEU doctoral students were invited to work collaboratively on the development of electronic teaching portfolios using the CEU e-portfolio system.  In the next phase of the study, Dorner and Renc-Roe will further investigate students’ reflective thinking in the process of creating teaching portfolios. A focus of phase 2 of the study is how the doctoral students’ teaching portfolios might reveal reflections on the complexity of domain-specific educational practice.