International Collaboration on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the CTL

August 2, 2019

In July 2019, CTL's Gorana Misic and Margaryta Rymarenko were invited by the Innovative Training Center of the European University (EU) in Tbilisi to share the teaching and mentoring practices of CEU CTL at the conference "Modern Methods and Challenges of Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education". The conference was attended by representatives of Georgian higher education institutions including Tbilisi State University, Ilia State University, Sokhumi State University, European University, and Samtskhe-Javakheti State University. The panelists discussed methods of teaching and assessment in higher education, including innovative and technology-supported teaching strategies.

The conference was the kick-off event for a series of professional development sessions offered to EU Faculty. A workshop on student-centered learning was led by Dr. Misic and Dr. Rymarenko. The aim of the workshop was to rethink the role of the teacher and the role of the students in the learning process, and to enhance learner-centered teaching. To accomplish this, the workshop focused on introducing innovative approaches to teaching and active learning through session and syllabus design, development of student-centered, problem-based teaching strategies, design of inquiry-based assignments, and feedback and assessment strategies. The workshop was attended by 15 faculty from different disciplinary backgrounds, including medicine, law, business, and foreign languages.

The two-day long workshop was practice-oriented, based on interactive team work, which was well-received by the participants:
"I was feeling engaged all the time, that is what I really liked about the workshop."

"...most interesting and active part of the whole training was peer-teaching. I learned a lot from my colleagues as well as from trainers. I appreciated the feedback from the trainers, and I will definitely use those tips and recommendations in my work."

"The workshop will help me in future to work in a team with colleagues."

The CTL is eager to collaborate with external partners to enhance contemporary, research-based approaches in teaching and mentoring. Through collaborations such as this one we help to advance knowledge about teaching and learning beyond CEU. We thus welcome international collaboration with the aim to work on teaching strategies that enhance student learning and engagement.