Lynn McAlpine leads hands-on sessions at the CTL for faculty, doctoral program directors and doctoral students

February 27, 2019

Professor McAlpine has visited the CTL again in November 2019.

Check out details of the events with her:
Workshop for doctoral students - So what is a narrative approach?
Discussion group for CEU faculty - PhD supervision: Questions I have asked myself or should have asked myself ...

Lynn McAlpine visited the Center for Teaching and Learning in February 2019 and facilitated events for CEU faculty, doctoral program directors and doctoral students. Professor McAlpine is internationally recognized for her research conducted in the UK, Europe and Canada, into PhD and post-PhD career trajectories in and outside the academy. Her workshops and discussion sessions provided a critical analysis of this research, including the topic of supervision and participants had the opportunity to reflect on their own contexts and practices in a structured manner.

Her discussion session with faculty revolved around the question how research on supervision influences supervisors' own practices. Together with her, colleagues from respective CEU departments drew on their own experience as well as the large body of research on supervision to think about how certain aspects of their individual practice might be changed. Professor McAlpine also led a session for doctoral program directors where she focused on an institutional view of supervision by exploring how research on supervision might inform policies and supporting structures in order to enhance both student progress and supervisors' institutional work. Doctoral program directors reflected on the kinds of institutional guidance that, according to their view, would help new students and (especially new) supervisor at CEU.

Finally, CEU doctoral students took the benefit of a hands-on session about ways to ensure the PhD builds on their post-graduation career. Professor McAlpine claimed it's never too early to begin building the post-PhD career; she introduced the broader context of post-PhD careers (labour sectors, types of jobs) and together with the participants she explored both what they were doing and could do to better use the PhD to build the post-graduation career. 

Lynn McAlpine, Professor Emerita of Higher Education Development at the University of Oxford and Professor Emerita at McGill University. She is internationally recognized for her research, conducted in the UK, Europe and Canada, into PhD and post-PhD career trajectories in and outside the academy. She receives frequent invitations to do presentations and workshops that explore the personal, pedagogical and policy implications of her research.

Lynn has been co-author of the following books:

  • McAlpine, L., & Amundsen, C. (2018). Identity-Trajectories of Early Career Researchers: Unpacking the Post PhD Experience. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.
  • McAlpine, L., & Amundsen, C. (2016). Post PhD Career Trajectories: Intentions, Decision-Making and Life Aspirations. Basingstoke: Palgrave Pivot.
  • McAlpine, L., & Amundsen, C. (2011). Doctoral Education: Research-Based Strategies for Doctoral Students, Supervisors and Administrators. Amsterdam: Springer.

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